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Protecting and Defending Security Clearances

If you are in the military, a government contractor, or if you are a government civilian, your security clearance is, in all likelihood, a pre-requisite to your career.

Over the past twenty five years, I have represented military service members, government contractors and federal government employees who have had security clearance problems. Most people come to me when their existing security clearance has been suspended, or when they’ve received notifications in the form of a Letter of Intent (LOI), or Statement of Reasons (SOR) that they must show cause why their clearance should not be revoked. In some cases, clients have had a problem establishing initial eligibility to hold a clearance. Regardless of the individual facts, the bottom line in security clearance work is this: If your security clearance is jeopardized in any way, your career is at risk. If you have received a Letter of Intent (LOI) to respond to a proposed suspension, a Statement of Reasons (SOR) upon denial of eligibility, or if you are having problems anywhere in the process with a clearance suspension, revocation or issuance, please call my office.

Letters of Intent (LOI) and Statement of Reasons (SOR)

Tasked with ensuring the integrity of the security clearance process, the relevant agencies will, from time to time, screen individual records and may find potential disqualifying information. When that happens, the agency will usually issue the LOI or SOR which requires a response. There is a proper and effective way to respond to LOIs and SORs which will address the issues raised with credible, relevant proof sufficient to satisfy the agency’s adjudicators.

Military Security Clearances

Military deployments almost always require that the service member have a valid security clearance. Without it, he or she will likely be deemed "non-deployable", which could then carry further implications for possible involuntary separation, and a foreshortened military career. I have helped many service members over the years retain their clearances in a variety of situations. As a result, those individuals have been able to continue their careers.

DoD and other Federal Agency Security Clearances

As with security clearance work for those in uniform, defending clearances for government civilians usually focuses on three primary areas of potential disqualification:

  • Finances or Financial Difficulties
  • Suspected Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse or Dependence
  • Alleged Criminal Misconduct

While each case is different, what I do for my clients facing suspension, revocation or non-issuance of a clearance is similar to what I do for my clients whose professional licenses are in jeopardy. I do everything necessary to establish my client’s reliability, strength of character and trustworthiness.

Please call my office for comprehensive help and representation with your security clearance issue or problem.


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