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Security Clearance Hearing

November 16, 2018

What an experience it was! Thinking it was a normal review and renewal process as before, I was summoned to a hearing in front of a Judge to plead my case to keep my security clearance without lawyer( not advisable) I got lucky. My case was extended to provide additional details, I took advantage of the time and obtained the services of Mr. Meili for consultation. I provided my details and a transcript of the hearing. He assessed my documentation, statement,the transcript and my character as a person and family ( my Spouse and son) which he met. He made suggestions, recommendations. I felt part of his team because he ask for my input in this process. Mr. Meili kept me abreast of the case be making contact with the government rep and the office of the Judge for any updates. The decision was favorable, my security clearance will be renewed thanks to Mr. Meili.

I do Definitely recommend him due to his experience, being veteran himself helps tremendously!

Thanks Mr. Meili

Posted by Enrique


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