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IRR Delay and Exemption Client Testimonial #30 - From a Mom Whose Family Found Help, Trust, and Compassion

If you have been put in the position our son and our family were put in then you need to put your trust in Bill Meili. Our son was involuntarily recalled. As his mom, I wanted three things to happen. I wanted him to receive a favorable decision in an exemption from this recall, I wanted to find someone fast that could help us do this and I wanted to find someone who could help our son realize he needed some help with his demons.

I admit, we thought about submitting a recall package on our own. Then Josh started surfing the net and found Bill. Let me tell you, if you are even hesitating about the investment, don't. Bill provided us not only with the professional advice we needed for this to happen but he provided it with compassion and understanding for the myriad of emotions that not only Josh and his wife were experiencing but those that his parents and sister were experiencing also.

What would have been a couple of letters in Josh´s exemption request had we done this on our own became a 65 page packet outlining the personal hardship and medical hardship this involuntary recall would be for Josh. Bill told us what he could bring to the table was his knowledge and expertise in military law and more to the point, IRR recall and put it to work in Josh´s favor. He knew what HRC was looking for in an exemption request. Bill knew how to get that information and how to put it all together in an exemption request packet that would result in a favorable decision.

I must say, I have not had the need for an attorney before. When I did, I trusted in what this man told us he could do and he produced! Bill was always available to all of us. He works endlessly keeping in communication with his clients. He adjusted his schedule to fit Josh's so as to not hinder him at work. If any of us had a question, we emailed or called and he was there within minutes if not at that very moment. We all felt that we were the only people Bill was helping.


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