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IRR Delay and Exemption Client Testimonial #29 - From a Client Who Found A Partner to Achieve His Goal

If you´re reading this you have a problem, you don´t have much time, you´re looking for help and you have to make a decision - soon. I´ve walked your path. In that light, the following is provided for your consideration.

Bill Meili and his IRR services are real. I and a number of other testimonial folks offer you POC information to verify his credentials: feel free. You could also check the Texas State Bar, the Better Business Bureau and have your bank check out his.

I could not have created the final product received from Bill. To attempt quantification — I could probably have gotten to a good 50 - 60%. NOTE that I say this with following credentials; West Point graduate, 20 years in the service, now earning my pay check as a civil servant, I have been part of honors societies focused on writing. That translates to; I know the Army, I know how to read regulations and put packages together for boards, I know how to hit the high points and I can write pretty well when I put my mind to it. Regardless, I could not have developed the package Bill did. Period. He has tons more experience and is current. Would a 60% effort have worked? Don´t know. Don´t care. Didn´t take the chance.

I hired a lawyer but I got a dedicated partner. Yes, I realize I was paying him but rarely has someone I paid told me a draft I provided wasn´t good enough and go do it again. Partners do that. Rarely has someone I paid worked the same hours I did so they were available to me. Partners do that. Rarely has someone I paid brought empathy, understanding and motivation to the table. Partners do that. In one week, Bill Meili earned my complete trust.

Bill is the most responsive person I ever worked with. Period. His studied reply to my first e-mail for help arrived 18 minutes after I sent mine late on a Sunday night: it was not a canned response. It was Bill on the other end doing his thing. During the course of our work together I teased him that he probably works out with a BlackBerry in his hand. His response? "I do." I believe it. He delivered what he said he would, when he said he would, as he said he would. Being in two different time zones, never having met each other, and merging work ethics over the Internet and a phone was never a problem. NOTE that partners will make you work hard to achieve a goal; Bill did.

His final product was not boiler plate; it was cut from whole cloth reflecting the peculiarities of the case. He didn´t just "crank something out." I was impressed.

Bill understands and appreciates the Army as a retired Colonel. This was important to me. We were not attacking the Army. We were working within an established system to achieve a goal. Honor and dignity were maintained.

You´re in a tough spot. I understand. Mr. Meili was ideal for me. I commend him to you for the reasons stated above.


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